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Inception: The ladies (and gentlemen?) of slash be out and about [Jul. 18th, 2010|07:19 pm]

There be spoilery comments.Collapse )
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(cries) too late to turn in nominations, I suck ;___; [Edited] [Dec. 13th, 2008|06:45 pm]
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Edited: my nominations were added, thank you so much little_dumpling ;___;

Nooo~ I want to cry, I thought today was the last day for Chuck 2008 fanfiction awards nominations, but it turns out the nominations were closed today when I was eating dinner; I'm so sorry you guys T___T I did a huge disservice by not nominating you guys so that others would know of your masterpieces ;__;, I didn’t have time to go through all the stories I memoried, but I wanted to nominate the ones that I did go through. Stories in categories are in no particular order as follows.

I am so sorry everyone ;_________; (sobs)

[A] One-Shots
High Five by ladytalon1
Slash Major John/Captain Awesome
shock & awe by hackthis
Slash- Chuck/Awesome
The Dangers of Boredom by sparky77
Slash- Bryce Larkin/John Casey
In which Captain Awesome persuades Chuck to take the awesome to a whole new level by Emony2
Slash- Chuck/Captain Awesome
Miss by skypipe
Slash- Chuck/Bryce
Domach 'a chIy ghoS 'epagh? by futuresoon
(Can you be a victor of the heart as well as the sword?)
Slash One-sided- Bryce/Chuck
Jumping Off Bridges by sparky77
Slash- Chuck/Bryce
Push by skypipe
Slash- Casey/Morgan
Chuck vs the Anonymous Letters by muse_fodder/Lady Cosmos
Slash- Bryce/Chuck
Massage Therapy by ladytalon1
Slash John/Chuck
Incidents & Anecdotes by amoretpsyche
Slash- Chuck/Casey
Annoying Garments, Victories Won by
Slash- Casey/Chuck though seems more like gen than anything
Autophilia by evilmaniclaugh
Slash- Casey/Chuck
Through the Wall by ebcdic
Slash- Chuck/Casey
=== funny stuff lol
A Small Misunderstanding by ladyofpride
Implied Slash- Casey/Chuck
Wookies In Silk Robs
Slash- Chuck/Casey
An Affair in Passing by Amethyst Lupin
Femme-Slash- Sarah/Ellie
The Stupidest Thing by Fia Reynne
Slash- Chuck/Casey
Combat Training and Dark Fantasies by ladyofpride
Slash- Casey/Chuck

[B] WIPs
Countless Cups of Coffee by noctuabunda
Pre-Slash- John/Chuck
Moments of Opportunity by greenonme
Slash Chuck/Casey
WIP last updated Nov.28, 2007

[C] Completed
The Ballad of Casey by evilmaniclaugh
Part 1/3
Part 2/3
Part 3/3
The Greatest Mistake by ladyofpride
Slash- Casey/Chuck, one-sided Bryce/Chuck
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A little piece of history [Sep. 27th, 2008|03:53 pm]
Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics by Paul Gravett

There used to be more than one copy of this book available in the County of Los Angeles Public Library catalog, but they were removed across the board in April 2006 "following a complaint from a Victorville mother that the book contained graphic sex scenes."

A collection of info on the book's banning can be found at

You can, however, find a copy in the catalog if you type in 'sixty years of japanese comics' in the Quick Search after specifying 'title' search.

"West Covina Library Copies Material Location
Call Number:741.5952 1 Book Checked out"

How did this copy survive the ban?
It didn't.
I donated it in February 2007 after reading MangaBlog's entry about the removal of the book. I was told it was going to be put in the reference section and unable to be checked out, but the info in the search conducted 9/27/08 says otherwise :). (1)

While I have issue with the site revamp (give me back my ISBN search function), I am still in love with the book requesting option, that makes it possible to request a book from another library in the LA County system to be sent to a library near me, that is available online so I don't hold up one of the library catalog computers at the actual library researching and requesting books.

(1) A transcript and copies of emails.
>>Hello *,
Your chat transcript with a librarian at COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES PUB LIBR (CAAsk)

Date: 14:46 2007/02/22
Question ID (omitted)

Chat Transcript: Hi, i was wondering if I donated the book "60 years of japanese comics" would it be allowed into the system or would it be put on sale?
[Librarian 14:48:17]: Librarian 'QP Backup Librarian #' has joined the session.
[* 14:48:24]: because I read that it was banned and taken out of the system and that was why i had to buy it and wasn't able to borrow it instead, but i think the book is an informative reference that some people would be interested in reading
[Librarian 14:48:28]: Hello! I am a reference librarian with the Question Point chat service and we are here to answer your questions 24/7 when your local librarians are unavailable. I am reading your question now, it will be just a moment?
[* 14:48:46]: sure thing : )
[Librarian 14:49:35]: Hi *
[* 14:49:56]: Hello # :D
[Librarian 14:50:00]: That's a very good question since collection development depends on many factors
[Librarian 14:50:27]: It sounds like a great book and banning books is not part of the library policies
[Librarian 14:50:46]: However there is always a cost to add items to the collection so all factors need to be considered
[Librarian 14:50:59]: I am not actually on staff at your local library and don't have access to the collection
[Librarian 14:51:07]: I will be happy to forward your question but it will be a couple days before you get an email back, is that alright?
[* 14:51:33]: sure :D
[* 14:52:20]: but what does cost have to do with it since I'm donating the copy I have?
[* 14:53:13]: (link edited)
[* 14:53:34]: a review with a mention of the controversy with the book in california
[Librarian 14:54:21]: * libraries appreciate donations and I'll forward your question for someone inside the library in charge of collection develepment to get back to you ok?
[Librarian 14:54:31]: I will need your email or phone number?
[* 14:54:53]:
[* 14:55:08]: thank you for your time :)
[Librarian 14:55:18]: We will check further for you and reply via email usually within a day or two. Goodbye and thanks for using Question Point a 24/7 reference service. #
[Librarian 14:55:22]: Librarian ended chat session.<<

(Note to self: Use proper grammar whenever possible. Emoticons really do look unprofessional.)

>>Hello *:

Your question to the AskNow Librarian has been forwarded to the County of Los Angeles Public Library for follow-up response.

I am the materials selector for graphic novels, so your question was forwarded to me. Thank you for considering the County of Los Angeles Public Library as a site for your donation.

This book by Paul Gravatt appears to be title that, for the most part, received positive reviews. Anyone doing research on the history of Manga would find it a valuable tool. At the same time, the book has generated some controversy. You may be aware that San Bernardino Public
Library pulled its copies off the shelves last year, after receiving customer complaints.

I spoke with Shelley Ekeroth, the Collection Development Coordinator for the County Library, last week. After discussing the pros and cons of this title, we came to the decision that if you donated this book, it would be cataloged as adult reference and would be restricted to library use only. This is our standard procedure for expensive, scholarly reference books.

Also, the book would be housed at our West Covina Library, which is the Regional Library for East County Region. West Covina Library specializes in the Dewey 700s, which is the subject area this book falls into.

If this is acceptable to you, we would be happy to accept the book.

If you wish to discuss your donation or if you have additional
questions, you can reach me at 626-960-2861.


Robert Johnston
Regional Collection Coordinator
East County Region
County of Los Angeles Public Library<<

>>Hello Mr. Johnston,

Thank you for replying. Since I am going to donate the book to the Norwood library, does that mean they are going to send it over to West Covina? Or will they get to put it in their reference section? And if not, does that mean that each library only houses a certain category of references book so that library frequenters(?) have to travel to different locations to have access to the designated categories?


>>Hi *:

When we receive donations of this type, one of the things that we look at is where the book would get the most use. As I mentioned to you, West Covina is a regional library and their subject specialty is 700's, so it would make sense for a specialized item such this to be added to their collection.

As a regional library, their collection is used by students and customers from all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. In fact, the West Covina Regional Library frequently gets copies of books from other County libraries, who have decided against adding these donated items to
their collection.

Reference books can be requested and sent to other libraries, but they cannot be checked out.


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A free handbag giveaway :D! [Sep. 19th, 2008|12:38 pm]
Posted by HandbagPlanet on 9/15/2008 at
Totally Free Stuff!!

Handbag Giveaway Handbag Planet is celebrating their October 15, 2008 launch, and giving away a free handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day of the launch. Their high fashion, trendy handbags are inspired by popular designer brands and priced between $30 and $80.

After signing-up in one easy step, you can select the handbag you would like to win. There's absolutely no catch. This means no shipping or handling fees or credit card required. Yes, it's really that simple.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

* United States
* Canada

Good luck everyone!
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Textbooks and Merch for Sale [Feb. 8th, 2007|01:55 pm]
[Current Location |School, Computer Lab :D]

[Last Updated: 06/06/07]

Textbooks and Manga For Sale (Stock: Limited, 1 copy of each)

Titles and etc. here :DCollapse )

Acceptable payments:
if you are using paypal, email me your paypal address and tell me the books you will be getting and I will send you a bill. I will bring the books only after I received payment, that or if we are both paranoid, we can do the transaction in the Business lab B107/8, and you can log on to pay, and after I see that I received your payment on another computer, I'll hand over the book(s). :D
easy transaction, no counterfeits please :) This option for pick-up only.

Please note that all prices and transactions are final, thank you for your interest and have a good day :)

======== ========= ========== ========== ========= ========

For pick up at Rio Hondo Community College Campus, to see times and schedule appointments here

Schedule pick-up appointments by emailing me at silvermoonlight[at]

Questions can also be asked and answered in the comments :D

Shipping and handling is from the state of California, and price depends on where it ships to and what method you want it shipped :D I prefer shipping by Media Mail which ranges from $2-5 depending on the weight.

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Scholarship [Dec. 14th, 2005|11:41 pm]
register at
Read the rules and remember things, it's part of the first quiz you get.

(Read the "thank you notes" section. Remember to write a thank you note at the forum in the right place as in reply under the topic not outside of it.)


OT: Follow up on Thank You Note for Scholarship

Currently, the topic for the thank you note is on page 49 of the forum due to fact that hundreds of people did not follow the instructions to post in the right place.

The topic is as follows: "CLICK HERE AND REPLY TO POST YOUR THANK YOU NOTE" and the originator of the post is "hulce".


I really need to think of something to write in my journal >___>
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